Celebrity meets

It has always been a hobby for me to paint and produce artwork. However, meeting all the different celebrities has been a very nice added bonus! The first celebrity I met was Calum Best who shared my artwork across the internet and arranged to meet me to promote my work and get me noticed. From meeting Calum, I have been lucky enough to meet Sir Alex Ferguson who kindly invited me to join him on his private table and spend the evening watching Manchester United at Old Trafford. It’s great to know that Sir Alex appreciates and owns my work. Meeting Sir Alex gave me a springboard to go on and meet more celebrities. Jessica Ennis-Hill invited me to join her at a training session ahead of the Olympics. She is a lovely, genuine lady and it was fantastic to watch her train.

I met Jack Whitehall in Manchester as he was in the middle of filming. He thanked me for capturing his ‘incredible masculinity’ which I thought was very witty of him.

I have also been lucky enough to meet Alan Shearer, Howard Webb and more recently Chris Waddle and Ronnie O'Sullivan at signings for The Fan Cave. Everyone I have ever met has always been really supportive and impressed with the work I have produced.

My work has also been endorsed by Harry Redknapp, Kevin Keegan, Gordan Strachan, Sergio Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne.

It is an amazing feeling knowing that these celebrities own and endorse my work. I’m very thankful and honoured that they have taken the time out of their busy schedules to be a part of my artwork and compliment my paintings. It makes the hours spent on each piece of art worthwhile.

Ronnie O'Sullivan with portrait
Ronnie O'Sullivan
Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill
Alan Shearer
Howard Webb
Calum Best
Sir Alex Ferguson
Jack Whitehall
Gordan Strachan
Model Sam Reece
Kevin Keegan
Harry Redknapp
Tony Cottee
Joe Jordan